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My mission is clearly one of putting into action the support and promotion of sustainable living and social responsibility values. These include values of creating peace with non-violent communication, respect for diversity, ecological wisdom, supporting local community economic justice, gender equality and a focus on personal responsibility. I conduct business in the most efficient eco-friendly manner, which means that almost one hundred percent of communication and projects are completed and transmitted via telephone, email and file sharing. I am a solo-preneur and carry no debt, have no shareholders or investors. That means I can make my own decisions without pressure to compromise for profit.

I am committed to these values and holds myself up to the highest standards of integrity and customer service within a supportive, collaborative environment. I actively encourage feedback by welcoming suggestions and offering critiques of how I am doing. My commitment to you extends beyond walls and I am an active participant in peaceful activist advocacy of causes leading to the vision of a world we all seek. 

Your suggestions are of great value and give priority to those who are committed to the value of giving back to our local and global communities.

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